Wish You Were Here… – Truckville, AB

So I am back home for the holidays and am loving it. After you have been gone for a while you forget about the car to monster truck ratio in southern Alberta. It just wouldn’t be the same without seeing a few of these beauties over-running the roads and creating their own roads when frustration sets in.

Internet Jems #1: Mac2Sell


I came across this after a friend mentioned it to me. I spent some time playing around on it and found it to be pretty accurate. This could be very useful to anyone looking to sell their current Mac or are looking to pick up a great machine for a discount.


Apparently I’m Famous.

My buddy Darren Foley put this together in my honour. Not sure what his motives were for making this, but I don’t care. It made me laugh and I think it will do the same for you…

* It does take a little while to load, but I think that its worth it. If you do not feel like waiting for it or want to watch it in FULLSCREEN, you can go HERE and watch a less bandwidth intensive version. *

The Road to Success.

Recently, a friend of mine showed this drawing to me and I thought it would also be worth re-posting on here. Once you start looking at it, you will notice that there are a million interesting little details in it. The artist left nothing out.

Let me know what you think of this… Like/Dislike? Agree/Disagree?


A Decade of Hipster…

Paste has a fun little history on the evolution of the hipster over the last decade. I found this display of self mockery to be pretty entertaining. Enjoy.

A Decade of Hipster Fashion

A Decade of Hipster Fashion

RED Scarlet 2/3 – Updated info.

RED Unveils More Details on Scarlet Camera

RED Unveils More Details on Scarlet Camera

Over the weekend, Jarred Land of RED announced some more details about the highly anticipated RED Scarlet model that is due out… who knows when. This company has been the topic of many conversations between my peers and I in the last few years and my excitement about them is only growing by the day.

Unfortunately, I have not had the privilege of working with a RED camera to date, but after this recent pricing/specification announcement I will be jumping at the first chance to pick one up for myself.