Wish You Were Here… – Truckville, AB

So I am back home for the holidays and am loving it. After you have been gone for a while you forget about the car to monster truck ratio in southern Alberta. It just wouldn’t be the same without seeing a few of these beauties over-running the roads and creating their own roads when frustration sets in.

Apparently I’m Famous.

My buddy Darren Foley put this together in my honour. Not sure what his motives were for making this, but I don’t care. It made me laugh and I think it will do the same for you…

* It does take a little while to load, but I think that its worth it. If you do not feel like waiting for it or want to watch it in FULLSCREEN, you can go HERE and watch a less bandwidth intensive version. *

Patrick Is Getting Hitched. Congrats Buddy.

Mr & Mrs. Patrick Crosman